Hello! I’m Jen Hitchcock. I’m a writer and have been published, mostly as a music journalist, in a hodge-podge of magazines and fanzines (most notably the LA Weekly, least notably my own fanzine ZYZXX).

ZYZXX was a music and humor fanzine that I did in the 90’s. I passed it out in clubs all over Los Angeles. Then it became a podcast. And now it also has become this blog. I had intended to “review” my library of close to a thousand CDs one by one. I came up with that idea shortly after getting laid off from my job. Well… instead of spending my time doing that I decided to open a book store called Book Show. You should come visit some time.

You can find Book Show here! And the online store is here!



ZYZXX Tumblr

Also, I write a webseries call Ninety Something starring my friend Sara as Sugar T Russell. Check that out here:

Ninety Something

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