Guest Blogger! Eleanor Hitchcock reviews band Breaking 27.

I can’t tell you the glee I felt in my heart when Ellie came home one day inspired, invigorated and raving about a band called Breaking 27 who played at her school as part of their “No Bully” tour. A REAL band consisting of 11 through 13-year-old kids that played rock and roll instruments in actual clubs and didn’t sing like chipmunks. She blathered on about the girl who is lead singer and how she went into the audience. She gushed about the drummer who she concluded is “probably as short as you are mommy.” She loved that the bass player and keyboardist were girls. At her begging, we went to the website and poured over their pictures and watched all the live videos they had posted.

And so for today, I decided I am going to step away from my usual format and let my daughter step in and do her first bit of rock writing.

Here is her review:


I saw a band at CHIME cald Braking twenty-seven. The peepols names are max. Sophe. Kale. Sharlit. And eden. I love your band. Love Eleanor the band Made [me] dance beecuss it is groovy to me. And is music to my erse. (Eleanor Hitchcock)